Flawless Guidelines on Picking a Thesis Topic for a PhD

A Ph.D. always represents one of the top-most qualifications in any type of field across the world. An individual has to do research and write a thesis at the end to qualify. Therefore, finding and settling on an appropriate thesis subject before beginning your research becomes a necessity. But picking the ideal PhD thesis subject can prove challenging. So what can you do in case you find yourself in this crazy situation?

Guidelines on Flawlessly Picking You PhD Thesis Subject

Doing your research and writing a thesis at the Ph.D. level proves complex enough. To avoid having difficulty in picking a subject, and the right one for that matter, consider the following tips.

  • The relevance of the shortlisted Ph.D. candidate subjects for your thesis, and their applicability to the current research trends in your field of study. It’s crucial to check some of the submitted research projects in the college department spanning a few years back to have the proper feel of any potential thesis topic. You can also enlist the assistance of your supervisor when you encounter difficulties. 
  • The present trends in your field’s subject area

You have to write a Ph.D. thesis with significant value for experts or researchers in your field. As such, it’s crucial to pick a thesis subject that can ensure the quality of your research meets these expectations. Please search for current trends and issues by using the available recent publications.

  • Theories that you can likely apply

Every student has a preference for an approach or theory about certain subjects, and it’s no different from a Ph.D. situation. Settle on a subject that will allow you to apply your advanced theoretical knowledge. 

  • The research philosophy and approach to use

A doctoral thesis has to prove feasible, and as such, possible to complete within a given duration of time. The subject you pick should have a lateral approach in investigation rather than a longitudinal one that can take multiple years to conclude.

  • Possibility of getting access to research tools and data

Your topic selection process should take into consideration the availability of software you must use in your data analysis besides having access to relevant information.

  • The potential of the research in enhancing your career in the future

Nothing compares to the significance of what your career needs now and in the future. Picking a Ph.D. thesis subject, therefore, should consider this.

  • The dissertation subject should also have the potential of summarizing your course knowledge concerning the subject. It’s however crucial to note that showcasing theoretical knowledge and academic skills comprise just one half of the process. The half requires you to incorporate a unique approach besides adding creativity to add value to the whole piece. Further, a Ph.D. dissertation has to highlight your skills in research and demonstrate your initiative in developing ideas and adding value to any existing piece of literature.
  • It’s always vital to acquaint yourself with the present trends and literature, engage in discussions, and consult other useful resources such as the librarian or supervisor before settling on a subject.


You can always develop an expert Ph.D. thesis by considering the discussed tips when settling on a dissertation topic. So adopt these and have the best of luck in your Ph.D. endeavors.