Writing a Dissertation Subject Examples In Marketing

Most students have to write a dissertation in their final year of the respective courses they pursue. The same applies to a course in marketing, and it requires careful evaluation of the subject before writing one. It always needs you to pick a marketing subject to mold your research around it.

It’s very easy to confuse a marketing dissertation with a marketing report. Because of this, students have to understand that a dissertation entails extra sections as opposed to a report’s normal format besides the presentation. It mainly arises because it fuses the theory and practical aspects of your study, unlike a reported pure theoretical basis. 

So interested to get started with your marketing dissertation, but lack ideas on how to go about it? Consider the following

Guidelines for Writing a Dissertation

A dissertation requires a student to pick the subject and methodology to utilize in the research. You can also decide on the specific objectives and aims of what your study will entail. To write a dissertation subject marketing example, you will require to have various sections including, a methodology and results sections besides the conclusion part of a particular investigation. 

The aim of such a paper entails demonstrating your skills in organizing, planning, time management, and problem-solving skills.  


The dissertation should have to consider using formal and academic language in communicating ideas. It also requires headings and subsequent sub-headings. Additionally, you have to consider using bullets or numbers when listing items besides expressing vigor while researching. You can add graphs, drawings, statistics, and other extra material as appendices.

Sections should include;

  • A title page. It has to indicate the idea about the whole research concisely and briefly. 
  • An abstract. The section summarizes the entire study and gives an outlook of the whole study.
  • The contents. The listing must have the right format and can include the table of contents, among others.
  • The introduction. It’s a section that gives your study some context as it introduces it to the audience besides giving credence for undertaking the study.
  • Objectives
  • Literature review. It informs the audience or readers of your work about the present outlook concerning the topic.
  • Research methodology. The section proves instrumental in validating your study findings and giving your study credence. 
  • Ethical issues. Your study has to factor in the moral values and issues. Besides this, the form has to get included as an appendix.
  • Results and findings. The section enumerates your study findings in line with your objectives.
  • Discussion and Analysis section. It covers the results and subsequent interpretation, together with the theoretical importance of the study findings.
  • Recommendation (upon request). The section depends on an individual request. You can write this section using your analysis and findings. It can include recommending further studies in some areas in instances where you spot a gap. 
  • References. The section should contain all cited sources. However, you have to incorporate them correctly and according to the University’s recommended guidelines. 
  • Appendices. You should avoid incorporating your results in this section and only put your raw data. However, other materials such as blank questionnaires can get enclosed in the section. 


Writing any form of a dissertation entails a lot of work, and a student needs to prepare for the whole process to develop a credible marketing dissertation paper.