Fake News Dissertation Subjects

A lot of people have increasingly gotten used to the idea and concept of fake news as technology and social media influence increase as ever each day. Fake news implies a specific type of propaganda that deliberately tries to misinform or divulge false information to the general masses with a view of distorting or damaging an individual or entity’s reputation.

The reason for such malice can entail financial or political gain, especially in increasing readership or pleasing advertisers. As such, students can decide to explore the subject in writing their dissertation for academic purposes, or hire a professional dissertation writer to do it for them. But, what dissertation subjects can you consider for the ‘fake news’ theme?

Subjects for a Dissertation on Fake News

  • Did fake news play a role in ensuring the presidency of Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential campaigns?

You can explore the role of fake news in the 2016 US presidential campaign, and how heavily skewed in Trump’s favor it proved in ensuring a win for him.

  • Exploration of the link between advertising revenue and fake news

A lot of people or entities can use fake news to lend credence to advertisement campaigns. It mainly arises since the platform that effectively represents alternative facts that tie into advertising campaigns. But more recently, a lot of major platforms have cracked on fake news, and some excellent examples include Facebook and Google, which have outlawed false advertising on their platform.

  • The exploration of the relationship dynamic between social media and fake news

The consensus out there about fake news proves solid, especially in a technological age where digital distribution platforms have increased and become more accessible. Such platforms increase the redistribution of such fake news, thereby, lending more power to them. With the capacity of social media outlets influencing lots of people either negatively or positively, such an area needs more research. 

  • The role of fake news in the increase of Islamic extremism

The internet, and by extension, social media outlets, has increased the recruitment of young individuals into extremist causes, especially, Islamic religious extremism. Such groups include ISIS and the like.

  • The emergence and evolution of the fake news aspect from the 19th century to the modern-day

Well, a lot of people think that fake news emerged in the 21st century, but the reality remains that it came to the fore as early as the 19th century. 

  • The public perception of fake news

Such a dissertation intends to explore the public reaction to fake news. Fake news influences and sways the public opinion, especially in politics during elections. Further, the significance of such news has a greater viewership than genuine news, hence the need for more policy regulation. 

  • The study of the link between internet censorship and fake news in China

When fake news proliferated from America to China through the internet, the Chinese government took the opportunity to clamp down on internet use in China. Further, it has encouraged citizen participation in reporting sites spreading false news. 

  • The role of fake news in damaging the democratic space

Because fake news can actively get used in championing specific political causes, it can, in turn, vilify competitors thereby, shrinking and infringing their democratic space.


A dissertation forms an important cog in the academic and training aspect of students. Doing a fake news dissertation subject can not only contribute to your academic achievement but also solve serious policy issues in connection to social media and fake news.